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FREE Visual and Performance Arts Festival for Homeschooling Families

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Homeschool Arts in the Park
Visual and Performance Art Festival for Homeschooling Families

DATE: June 23, 2012

TIME: Noon check in time for performers, 1 pm Performances begin, lasts till 6pm

WHERE: Lakeview Park Amphitheater in Nampa Idaho


  • Stage Performances by homeschool families
  • Art Displays by homeschool families
  • Silent Auction to fund event (checks or cash only)
  • Various free arts activities
  • Free Event Bags
  • Sale of bottled water 

Stage Performers needed to perform (mics and speakers, CD and CDG player, and electric baby grand piano 
available )

Artists of all kinds are welcome to display their work


Stage Performers: 
instrument playing, skits, singing, juggling, poetry reading, recitation, dancing, etc

Art Displays: 
Sculptures, models, crafts, paintings, drawings, etc

To sign-up for a time slot or display your work please email

April Mitchell

Stacey Williams-Smith 

Stage Performers

 Sign-up for a stage time slot. Times are available from 1pm-6pm.

To sign up contact Stacey:

Stacey Williams-Smith 

Please come to park at noon to check-in. You do not need to stay all day, but please check in at noon so we know you are still preforming. Then arrive 1 hour before your performance time so we can make sure everything is ready for you. If you do not do the noon check-in we will remove you from the schedule, but you can still perform if we have an open spot later in the day. 

 Be prepared with all your stage accessories, music, etc. We will have microphones, sound system, CD and CDG players etc. available. Contact Stacey for questions.  Stacey Williams-Smith 

Art Display Information


Any type of family friendly artwork is accepted, basically keep it G rated : ).
To submit your artwork: Please email April at to reserve your spot
Please come on June 23rd to Lakeview Park in Nampa  a little early between noon and 1pm.
We will be hanging paper pieces on a type of clothesline with clothespins/binder clips. Be sure to glue paper to cardstock or cardboard. You will be asked to fill out a small paper label with child's first name and last initial, age, city, and title/description of work and materials used. we will tape with to the work near the border or back of piece hanging down. 

If the work is more of a sculpture. We will have some tables available. Please make sure work will not fall over. Possible adhere it to a box or platform of some kind. We will also have tape available to adhere it to the table if needed. The same labeling process will be involved. 

You do not need to stay all day if you do not wish. Just return again at 6pm to pick up your artwork. We are thinking of doing some kind of awards as well. Everyone would get a min. of a participation ribbon. But we may not, it depends on the donations we will receive for the silent auction.
Contact April to sign up or for questions
April Mitchell


Business Owners 

BOOTHS: If you would like to set up an INFORMATION ONLY booth you are more then welcome to do that, you are just not permitted to exchange any money the day of the event. You may do this FREE of charge. Please provide your own table, chairs, etc. Anyone selling without permission will be reported to the Nampa Police and City Hall. 


The following have donated items to the silent auction that will be held the day of the event. We love that these local businesses have agreed to sponsor Homeschool Arts in the Park!


Puffy Mondaes

Boise Little Theater


Caldwell Bowling

20th Century Lanes



Planet Kid

Shanks Glow Light Miniature Golf


Hair Masters

Jiffy Lube

Body Wrap

Safari Inn

Cracklin Popcorn

Mr. Sand Man Inn

Wild Rose Bed and Breakfast


Moxie Java

A?more Nail and Spa

Just Kid 'n Around

Star Bucks


Survival Solutions

Petersen's Clothing Department

Chuck -a-Rama


Legacy Feed and Fuel

Gym on the Run

Gelanto Café


Miss Tami's Cottage

Michelle Anderson

American Music

Golden Corral

Alpine Cottage Chiropractic

Steve's Café

In Bloom

Music Lingua: foreign language for kids 

Tandy Leather

3 Girls Gourmet

Fitness 19

Master's Academy-Chess


Homeschool Arts in the Park will be funded by a silent auction held the day of the event to reimburse the committee for funds already spent and for next year. The money goes towards rental of the grounds at Lake View Park, rental of the amphitheater and electricity, sound equipment, and materials used. Committee asks for donations of goods or services from local community businesses to support our event. We are not hosting the event for profit. Due to the cost of filing non-profit status, we have not filed, we may do so in the future depending on the success of the event. The event is free for attendees and performers. 


2012 Commitee Members

Stacey Williams Smith- Director  

April Mitchell- Co-director

Jodi Jardine- Creative Support 



Lakeview Park, Nampa, Idaho